W.P. Fraser Herbarium (SASK)
Department of Plant Sciences, University of Saskatchewan
51 Campus Drive, Saskatoon, SK, Canada     S7N 5A8
U of S

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The mission of the W. P. Fraser (SASK) herbarium is the development of a comprehensive scientifically-based collection and data-base of native and introduced plants representative of the flora of Saskatchewan. Our institution has the most extensive taxonomic, geographical and historical representation of all native and naturalized vascular plant species occurring in this province.

Our herbarium houses the largest collection of specimens (ca. 180,000) in the province, a major regional assemblage in Western Canada. This collection has an ample historical coverage, and represents 125 years of Saskatchewan's past and present flora. Hence, our facility acts as a primary source of information on the diversity and distribution of the Saskatchewan flora.

Our institution strives to document new information about plants, promote the efforts of the botanical research community and disseminate information to a wide range of potential recipients. Our institution combines the application of both traditional and new technologies to make the specimens information available world-wide.

Our primary goals include:

The development of the collection and preservation of herbarium specimens and associated data according to international standards.

To serve as a facility hosting a repository of permanent voucher specimens and promote the conservation of the province’s natural plant resources.

To act as a repository for unique, rare and threatened plant species of Saskatchewan.

To support and promote U of S faculty and graduate students research and teaching activities in traditional and molecular systematics and crop science, as well as community service within and outside the province.

SASK's type collection includes 47 type specimens, including two type specimens of lichens and 45 type specimens of vascular plants (Cota-Sanchez, et al, 2004)

  • the Province of Saskatchewan (including an extensive database of rare plant records)
  • the remaining Canadian Provinces and Territories
  • United States of America, including Alaska
  • The rest of the world

The official acronym for the W. P. Fraser Herbarium is "SASK" [as published in Index Herbariorum Part 1. The Herbaria of the World. IAPT, New York Botanical Garden, New York]. Index Herbariorum.