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Digitizing the Herbarium

Since 2003, staff at the herbarium have been planning an information management system. Our database will eventually contain all of the label information for the approximately 176,000 specimens in the W. P. Fraser Herbarium. This information will be used for herbarium management, collection planning, taxonomic, floristic and biodiversity research, and field work planning.

SASK digitization program presents an opportunity to advance biodiversity informatics research and increase our understanding of Saskatchewan’s plant diversity. The current implementation of SASK specimen database closely follows the guidelines for structure suggested by the International Union of Biological Sciences, Commission of Taxonomic Databases Working Group, and the type specimens database of the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution. Data sharing with regional (Saskatchewan Conservation Data Centre) and national efforts (CBIF) will provide an integrated taxonomic system of information. Our database is a central element in SASK Herbarium and uses Specify v4.6 software. The software project (sponsored by the National Science Foundation) provides help to institutions with biological collections to use specimen information for research and curation more effectively. The scientific knowledge generated will be significant to the province’s management of biodiversity and, in particular, the conservation management of Canadian northern ecosystems.

To find out more about the Specify database project, go to the Specify website.

Digitization Project

Herbarium Data Digitization Project
The staff in the W.P.Fraser Herbarium are currently developing, an integrated fast digitization method for herbarium collections. Herbaria contain a wealth of taxonomic information valuable in conservation and biodiversity studies. A large proportion of this information is stored on herbarium vouchers. However information retireval from specimen labels is often tedious and time comsuming. One of the goals of the digitization project at SASK, is to make this information easily available to general public and the scietiific community via the internet.

Our database will provide a friendly fast and efficient source for systematic retrieval of a label and/or specimen information contained in our herbarium collection any time anywhere in the world.

Flow Diagram for SASK's informatics and DB Advancement project:
Due to Copyright and Intellectual property issues an "extremely simplified" model for our current development work is provided below. However if you are a willing partner in our advancement and research program, to receive the complete flow chart diagram for this model, please send an email to the curator of the W.P. Fraser Herbarium (SASK). Please state the name of your Instituation and reason for requesting the Diagram in your email.The simplied model for the flow diagram is provided below:

Flow diagram