Current Herbarium Holdings

The SASK herbarium staff uses the Specify data information management system using. Our mapping database will ultimately contain the information for all of the approximately 179,000 specimens in the W.P. Fraser Herbarium from specimens collected around the world. Currently, the mapping database provides information on Saskatchewan specimens from data entered from 2003 and 2009 (approximately 12,000 specimens).

Mapping information can be used for herbarium management, collection planning, taxonomic, floristic and biodiversity research, and field work planning. This webpage is designed to assist the user in geographically locating various specimens contained within the herbarium. The database entry is an ongoing project, and the number of specimens in this list will continue to grow. Return often for updates of our holdings

If the plant you seek is one of Saskatchewan's rare plants, it will not display in order to protect our endangered provincial species.

Select your search criteria using the pull-down menus below. The table allows you to sort your data based on your search criteria by clicking on the box beside the column header. To replace your data with a new Family, choose "Replace Table" or "NEW table". You can also choose multiple Family names by clicking "Add to Table" after making your selection. If you wish to map your choices, select the "Add Pointers to Map" button below the displayed table.

PLEASE NOTE: if there are duplicate accession numbers listed, this is not an error. It signifies that there are multiple names (synonyms) for the species that you are inquiring about. Please check on-line plant databases (such as ITIS) to see the most current name.

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Family Genus Species Location Province Latitude Longitude EcoRegion Collector # Date Collector Accession